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A flat fee of US$300 for account establishment work is required, but it is only payable after you’ve completed a successful 30-day trial. See what the flat fee covers here.
If you don’t want to continue with ZNAPS, no problem, it won’t cost you a cent.
Create your account now (no credit card needed) to get the ball rolling.
Once your account is created, we’ll get started on the tasks above so that you can start your free trial.

Along with the one-off US$300 account establishment fee, there is also a yearly subscription fee, this depends on how many iMIS users you have. ZNAPS also requires user credentials to log in to your iMIS instance to execute the IQAs. This may require an additional iMIS License.

All pricing plans are in US$
See our Terms and Conditions of Use

Still not sure?

Call us at +64 (4) 282 0875 or email; we’ll gladly discuss it.
Request a ZNAPS Demo

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