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5 Benefits of ZNAPS


Series Data Stored In iMIS. ZNAPS uses the cloud-friendly iMIS API to capture data defined by you (in an IQA) and insert it into your iMIS database. You define the data you want to be captured and the frequency you want to capture it. You're then free to use the standard iMIS tools and functionality to report or graph the data on your web pages in real-time using RISE.



Seamless Login. ZNAPS uses the iMIS Single Sign-On functionality to seamlessly move users between the iMIS and ZNAPS applications. No need to remember another user ID and password!

Automated Data Series. Once you have set up your snapshot conditions, you can sit back, relax and watch your data series being created automatically.


Accurate Data Capture. ZNAPS ensures that your data is captured accurately with automated snapshot executions. Data is collected and stored at the same time every day of the week, so you can ensure data is accurate.


Focus on Important Tasks. Don't use your precious time creating manual series of data in iMIS (or worse spreadsheets). Once you set up your ZNAPS snapshots, update your webpages and reports to use the captured data, you can concentrate on delivering greater value to your members/constituents/donors.

What About Historical Data?

Capturing historical data is unique to each situation, depending on the quantity and complexity of the data. Contact us to discuss how your historical data can be added to your snapshots.

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